Which Books Are Essential Reading for Children Growing Up?

Children's BookshelfA brain development expert recently revealed that reading is critical for young children. If your kids read regularly, they can learn more about the world, giving them the chance to evolve into well-rounded adults. Hayim Oshky asks: which books are essential reading for children growing up?

Essential children’s bookshelf

The design team at Stuart Morris have taken it upon themselves to answer this really important question. They recently released a really valuable infographic showing their idea of the essential children’s bookshelf. This image breaks suggested reading for kids down into age brackets, explaining how certain books can help your children learn at different stages throughout their formative years.

For instance Stuart Morris suggests that your kids read The Cat in The Hat when they are six to eight years old, because this is the stage when “stories revolving around fantasy and imagination become very popular.” But your kids should wait to read Pride and Prejudice until they are over 12 years old, the infographic states, because it is more suited to “young adult readers.”

Inspiring love for literature

This infographic is not the ultimate authority on what your children should read. But it does show why different works could appeal to them at various points during their formative years. This means that it could serve as an important tool for you as a parent, as it shows you which books are most likely to inspire a love of literature in your children!

Thank you for reading… Hayim Oshky.

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