Kindle Tops Digital Device Consumer Experiences Survey

Amazon’s iconic Kindle e-reader beat all other digital devices to top the ‘computers and tablets’ section of an annual consumer experience survey recently. Hayim Oshky comments.

Iconic device

Ever since the first model was released in 2007, Amazon’s Kindle e-reader device has changed the way we read books. With these lightweight, interactive devices people can peruse their favourite works and discover new ones at their own convenience, fitting reading into their hectic modern lifestyles.

Kindles have remained popular with readers worldwide because Amazon is constantly introducing new technologies to enhance the reading experience these devices provide. For instance, Amazon recently launched a Kindle tool for the visually impaired. With this feature, which is currently available for the Kindle Paperweight, this demographic can take advantage of cutting-edge ‘Voice View’ technology to engage with books through hearing.

Topping the rankings

Amazon’s commitment to innovation has allowed the Kindle to top the 2016 Temkin Experience Rankings. These listings, which were compiled by customer experience research firm Temkin Group, were based on an annual customer satisfaction poll conducted throughout a number of industries. Temkin Group surveyed 10,000 people to assess the customer experience provided by 294 firms.

Temkin Group asked consumers three different questions. Can you do what you want to do with the company in question? How easy is it to work with this particular business? and How do you feel about your interactions with them? Earning a 73% favourability rating across these areas, the Kindle topped the ‘computers and tablets’ section of the study for the second year running.

The Barnes & Noble/Hewlett Packard produced Nook device followed, amassing a score of 61%. Temkin Group revealed that companies needed to score 70% to fall into the ‘good’ category, so only the Kindle was considered a good computer or tablet by consumers. Amazon also topped the overall ratings in the computers and tablets category, with a score of 70% and was named the 28th best company overall out of the 294 firms assessed by Temkin Group.

Favoured by consumers

In this survey, consumers have revealed that the Kindle provides a good user experience, as it basically allows them to read books in an easy, convenient way. As an aspiring author, you may wish to take note of these findings. In order to sell your book, you need to ensure that it is available on a channel where consumers go to find new works. Therefore, it is key that you make your book available on Kindles so you can draw the interest of readers who use these devices and increase e-book sales.

Thank you for reading… Hayim Oshky.

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