Five Online Marketing Trends for Authors in 2016

As an aspiring author, it is key that you market your book online. By reaching out to readers through digital channels, you can promote your work to a vast potential consumer base, giving you the ability to raise e-book sales. Hayim Oshky reveals five online marketing trends for authors in 2016.

Refresh your website

If you developed your website a few years ago, it may now be outdated. This can be disadvantageous, as your website is the first port of call for readers who want to learn about you as an author. Give your website a make-over so that it appeals to 2016’s increasingly digitally-savvy readers. Include a ‘call to action’ which tells readers where they can buy your work. With smartphone ownership rising worldwide every day, it is also crucial that you ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Use Google’s free tool to determine how easy it is for readers to access your website via mobile devices.

Include video elements

Book tours are a valuable promotion tool for authors. They allow writers to connect with their fans face-to-face, facilitating the personal interaction required to fuel a devoted fan base. Reap the benefits of a book tour online by including video elements on your website and social media accounts. This can include podcast interviews, webinars, Twitter chats, Facebook videos and more. Figures quoted by The Guardian show that video will account for 69% of all consumer traffic by 2017, so by adopting this strategy, you can produce content your fans will feel compelled to engage with.

Switch press releases for emails

Traditionally, authors have used press releases and media kits to promote their work. But Digital Book World argues that in this world of digital connection, “press releases are definitely outdated” and so are media kits, as this information can now be accessed online. Instead, learn how to write an e-mail marketing campaign. By sending personalised emails, you can form real relationships with your followers, showing them that you value the time and effort they invest into your work.

Introduce yourself to readers

The readers of 2016 want to know who you are as an author. If they have a personal stake in your success, readers may feel more compelled to pick up your book. It is vital that you establish a strong presence on social media sites, so you can interact with fans and introduce them to your work. Also, create an author page on Facebook and other social media sites. If your fans post content about you, their followers may want to learn more. If these users can access an author page on the same social media site, they are more likely to take some time to find out more about your literary output.

Target your niche market

With the rise of digital technologies, it is easier than ever for consumers to find niche communities where they can indulge in very specific interests. Don’t present yourself as a well-rounded author who appeals to all readers; in this niche world, you will end up attracting the interest of no readers. Focus your online marketing efforts on your core strengths and aim to become a recognised authority in your field. This will allow you to promote your book to the right niche readership, increasing your chances of generating significant e-book sales.

Thank you for reading… Hayim Oshky.

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